Clueless Ofcom & the crock guidelines

Rule 15.4 relates to “explicit prohibitions” on certain psychic practices.

“Television advertisements must not promote psychic practices or practices related to the occult,” said Ofcom. “Psychic and occult-related practices include ouija, satanism, casting of spells, palmistry, attempts to contact the dead, divination, clairvoyance, clairaudience, the invocation of spirits or demons and exorcism”.

Ofcom said the use of chicken bones, crystal balls, tea leaves and other props was “not in principle problematic” but said they should never be used to “imply a prohibited psychic practice or practice related to the occult”.

It said the use of “spirit guides” were also allowed subject to the same limitations.

The media regulator said personalised astrology, horoscopes and tarot card readings were only acceptable if they were clearly labelled as “entertainment” and must never predict specific events, such as births, deaths, marriages – or new jobs.

“Advertisements for personalised and live services that rely on belief in astrology, horoscopes, tarot and derivative practices are acceptable only on channels that are licensed for the purpose of the promotion of such services and are appropriately labelled … for entertainment purposes only.”

The regulator added: “Psychic readings cannot stray beyond the carefully circumscribed area of entertainment and should never be presented as reliable, substantiated or offering anything other than a form of entertainment.

Ofcom clarifies that those who claim that they are in touch with a higher diety on TV must be very clear – and must themselves state verbally – that this is for entertainment purposes only.

I trust the above includes religion & those who speak to God?

Who advised these fools? Whoever it was they were clueless too!

**** The Cockney Bard can & does demonstrate the real truth that the sixth sense, psychic ability call it what you like is a proven ‘natural ability’ we all as human beings have, even the debunkers & those who consider it satanic . It is NOT unproven, neither is it for entertainment purposes only. The guidelines are a complete crock written by self interested, clueless individuals. Designed to keep the truth from you! Study the bard, his work & learn for yourself. Don’t listen to those whose experience & knowledge on the subject is zero!


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