Ode To Shakespeare – The Cockney Bard

Ode To Shakespeare

I am a pen of many minds, but who can guess which ones to find? Marlowes, Jonsons, Bacons be, Oxford, Lord Strange, maybe Dee? Not the Doctor, this can’t be! I don’t believe he wrote did he? What of Raleigh, what a pen, words, words, words his one true friend. Secret codes so true concealed, surely now to be revealed? School of night I hear you cry, Walsingham he was a spy. You haven’t mentioned good Queen Bess, ah the virgin – you must jest. Some say Fletcher, Beaumont’s key, and Hilliard to paint that tree. So very small he must make it fit. A face to paint, but what mind was it? Florio’s first fruits did he taste. Daniel, Donne and Spenser not forgot in haste. A mighty pen, pure genius they say, for it has caused so much dismay. Hoffman, Dodd and many more have searched to find this man for sure. But who, oh who can the great man be? William Shakespeare I honour thee!

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