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The Cockney Bard – One Pen, Many Minds. The True Secret Now Revealed.

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The Poetical & Philosophical work from me in the main comes via voices in the head and my pen brings them to life. It has done so for over twenty years. The work has many aspects from nature to the mind. The work is/was written at great speed. Almost all the pieces from start to finish were composed in a minute or two. If I didn’t write them i would find it hard to believe myself, but they are there for all to see. They originally came with no grammar or punctuation. I make no claim to their quality, only that they are many styles, personalities & subjects.  I have written much conversational text in the same way from various sources over the years, with many revealing unknown things & future insight including my own wedding, which indeed came to pass. What is the extraneous source which feeds me with intelligence? And fed Keats, Shelley, Blake, Brooke, Plato, Socrates, Shakespeare, Yeats, Sir Francis Bacon, Marlowe, Da Vinci, Dr John Dee & many other great & good, famous & non-famous people both men & women. Poets, artists, musicians & philosophers. It is the true secret now revealed. Points I would like to make. 1) The voices in the head have given me philosophy, poetry, insight & accurate future prediction. This rules out mental illness. 2) My mind does not have rambling thoughts, but is in what can only be described as a permanent state of meditation, which enables me to be able to write at will this form of communication. A 24 hour a day communication if so desired (see picture 2). Simplest description of it? It is like being a secretary with a dictaphone. 3) Distinquishing between your own thought process & the extraneous source is extremely difficult. 4) The poetical & philosophical material comes when the muse is upon me and is not something produced at will, whereas the communication is. I am an eternal river of thoughts. Can this be proven? For certain it can. I can produce without fail. Hundreds of words from thin air, at speed, in the form of communication. 5)  A comparison between a piece I have just written and a poetical, philosophical or communicative piece from 20 years ago will be comparable to the eye. Proving it is from the same pen (person), speed etc. However an expert on style and personality will find a discernible difference, not only between the pieces, but from my own personal style and personality. Even if you are not an expert, it is impossible to accept that all the writings have come from one person, one pen, one mind. Some original writings from hundreds produced 1,2,7,8,9 are clearly examples of a communication. Click on them to view & zoom in. The others are differing styles & personalities of poetical work. Written by one hand (mine), at speed with no pause, punctuation or grammar. One can clearly ascertain from them all that the writings are from the extraneous source. 940865_565995696765478_1554719420_n943058_565996130098768_1201459976_n 945381_565995390098842_1422710418_n578868_565995816765466_1233454299_n165294_565998383431876_1149620216_n(2)165231_565995893432125_1528401898_n945227_565997820098599_539489850_n945268_565998120098569_211784332_n935738_565998260098555_331120117_n944660_565995960098785_1268880954_n472987_565995146765533_451895998_o21329_565995230098858_1670014546_n Post cards from the late international star Anthony Newley & well known International Magician & Debunker James Randi, whose Million Dollars remained safe after he decided I couldn’t be discredited as a fraud. He made the decision not to go on TV with me. He did however kindly reply to my offer of a challenge to him by saying I was ‘a deluded person’. It goes to show tangible evidence and the ability to demonstrate it at will is not something Randi wanted! For all his TV debunking of your Gellers and others the Cockney Bard is simply a bridge too far! No one has ever come forward to challenge what I have said who had any idea or worthwhile contribution of what it is, or even could be. Nor have they been prepared to go on Worldwide/National TV or Radio that includes the likes of Dr Chris French, Richard Wiseman, Derren Brown, Richard Dawkins et al. I did however once meet Dr Peter Fenwick, FRCPsych.  Consultant Neuropsychiatrist and Neurophysiologist. BA, MB,BChir, DPM, FRCPsych. in London who described what I had as a ‘talent’ which i guess is as near as damn it to saying you’re not ‘mad’ but I don’t quite understand it. I am 20 years on since that very brief meet and have a vastly more educated understanding of it all. I wonder what would he make of it now? Some will say it is ‘Genius’ and they may well be right! Genius (n.) late 14c., “tutelary god (classical or pagan),” from Latin genius “guardian deity or spirit which watches over each person from birth; spirit, incarnation, wit, talent;” also “prophetic skill,” originally “generative power,” from root of gignere “beget, produce” CLUE: Sonnet 86 Shakespeare ‘He nor that affable familiar ghost which nightly gulls (feeds) him with intelligence’ The Ever Living Poet

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Gentle I – The Cockney Bard

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Gentle I

I gentle as a summer’s day, fiercer than the autumn winds, colder than the hearts delay. I gentle as a morn in May, as the spring is sprung, as the lambs first breath. The ghost of death shall pass me by, the darkest night and the tear of eye. Shadows fade into the night, the crisp frost dew upon the leaf, the quill before me writes. I as gentle as the night, as still as the bird in flight, when the arrow renders life no more. Be as I not as before, gentle as a summer’s day.

Daffodils – The Cockney Bard

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How I do love the flowers. Golden fields of scented daffodils. Lines and lines of beautiful flowers. Sensuous, rumbustious golden flowers, embracing the wind as it gently sweeps them along. How wonderful the flowers. The sun it shines brightly. Speckles of light when dawn does arrive. How nature fills my heart with joy. Oh such beautiful nature.

Ashes of Dreams – The Cockney Bard

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Ashes of dreams

The trials and tribulations of a human being. The exhaustion and exuberation of pulling defeat from the flames of fire. The pain, the anguish of loss, the barren self, the drive and enthusiasm to be all that you can. The fickle hours, those endless hours to achieve a goal. Running with ecstasy, falling with optimisms flawed dream. The hope filled challenge of the Olympian to achieve first prize, becoming God like in a supreme test of will, determination and courage, challenging the body and spirit to reach unprecedented heights. The exhausted, elated, pain ridden, defeated, deflated, emotional being the athlete. Driven by their quest to succeed, in a search for perfection, resurrecting the eternal flame from the ashes of dreams.

Here Lay Truth – The Cockney Bard

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Here lay truth

Cold the body lay in the ground, no cares, no worries abound. Toils and regrets laid to rest, at peace the mortal beast. Death the great bringer of dismay, the hands of time, fates cruel, cruel way. A flower cast towards the soil. The parting ways of love once knew, bound for heaven in sweet descent. The earth becomes the mortal’s joy. The stone that rests above the head is carved in tribute, three words are said HERE LAY TRUTH

The Poppy – The Cockney Bard

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The Poppy

The Poppy, a symbol of a human’s greatest sacrifice. They that give their life, for a cause worthy or not. Let it never be forgotten, that when the light goes out on life, if one has given it for that which they truly believe, the Poppy shall represent them. It is the flower which grows where no one knows. A symbol for mankind’s eternal memory. You have not the beauty of the rose or the sweet smell of the lavender, but you will always be the only flower that cannot be forgotten. For those that have fallen are in you!

Conscience Beyond Repair – The Cockney Bard

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Conscience beyond repair

‘Tis I whom aspire to the heavens above, to dream of life and sweet, sweet love. Forbid my conscience a wasted space upon which to deliver such words, words, words, more words. To inspire, to delight, the fickle and faint heart, of jester and of maiden fair. To dream of stars, moon, and air thus persuading me of a conscience bare, empty like the fallen heart, a conscience beyond repair.