BBC4 Programme

Randi, Wiseman, French, Brown, Dawkins et al exposing ‘truth’ agenda bull. Expose this then. You won’t, you can’t.

‘An honest liar’ becomes Exposed: Magicians, Psychics and Frauds Storyville, 2014-2015 link

Expose the cheats & frauds by all means, no one wants that but please be honest with people. Don’t tell them its all trickery, all fake & all fraud that is simply lying to people. The real truth is we all have the sixth sense, we all have healing powers, even you the paid debunkers. They are simply natural innate abilities.  Not the ‘amazing’ Randi, Wiseman or French would go head to head with me on radio or TV. IMHO their agenda is a simple one and that is to stop you knowing the truth.  They should stick to their magic circle and leave nature to produce its own magic for the eyes and ears of the world, not just those who believe in faith, occultism, the paranormal or spiritualism etc.


Picture The Magic Roundabout a light hearted tribute to the ardent sceptics, who through the media have given us many years pleasure exposing the frauds and charlatans. Dougal Wiseman, Florence Blackmore, Zeebeedee Randi, Hermantrude French & Brian the snail Brown. Special thanks go to Zeebeedee Randi for his assessment of me by postcard that ‘if what I said was true then I am a miracle worker, until then I am a deluded person’. His million dollars was safe, there would be no TV or Radio meet with me. Funnily enough neither French or Wiseman would meet me on TV or Radio either. Strange that as it would have been the golden opportunity to expose me. Oh well!


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