Years & Years of the same old dross!

This is something Rupert Sheldrake posted on his facebook wall regarding sceptics. Here is my take on it.

25 years ago at the very beginning of my journey I trod the same boards and interests. Many years on they tread the same boards but I thankfully am of much greater understanding than I was, and I now simply understand the futility of it all. Experience brings great wisdom, those without experience cannot say the same. I hope this post is seen widely & worldly in the hope others don’t tread this path. The Randi million and all that old codswallop is fanciful and deluded to say the least. A path of nonsensical reasoning.

There is nothing wrong with healthy scepticism. It’s a shame some people do accept anything as reality. They don’t appear to need facts or truth just a blind belief. It is the ones who do have the facts and the truth that the likes of Wiseman, French, Randi, Dawkins, Brown et al try to ridicule because of their (self agenda) that is the problem. IMHO my advice to anyone seeking the truth is simple, stay away from this nonsense, study the mind, research the great writers Shakespeare, Shelley, Keats, Blake, Plato, Bacon et al and leave the silly TV, media debate of does it, does it not exist, ‘paranormal’, psychic, medium, spiritualist, new age in the box stuff behind. No growth in that.

Understand the sixth sense, healing etc are natural abilities we all have and are innate within. Understand neither the sceptics mentioned above nor science, religion, psychologists, psychiatrists nor doctors want you to know the real truth. Understand I have no interest in sceptics, religion, psychics, the paranormal, faith, belief, reiki, theoretical science, new age, aliens, masters of this and of that, certificates, spiritualism, mediums, stansted hall, spiritual healing, courses on this and that, David icke or so called experts with his or her opinion, but I am interested in facts/Truth. If you can think, you can reason, and if you can reason, you can comprehend.


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