If you learn anything today learn this!

If you learn anything today learn this, that the sixth sense, healing with hands and conversing with spirits is a proven fact. A truth which is kept from you is that every human being has these abilities. They are not great gifts or something someone can give you, but totally natural. Some will have a much greater aptitude for it than others, but at a base level it is within us all. They won’t teach you this in Schools, Colleges & Universities nor will Science tell you this, nor Doctors, Psychiatrists or Psychologists. They are either ignorantly blinded to it or deliberately keep it from you. Let us have a look at something millions worldwide do get access to that being the works of Shakespeare, Shelley, Keats, Yeats, Blake, Marlowe, Rupert Brooke, Bacon, Plato, Churchill, Christie and many others. Works read and admired widely. All of the aforementioned had access to the faculty and accessed it in their work. Simple research will lead you to a greater understanding. You don’t need to be a Spiritualist, Religious, have Faith, believe in the Paranormal or be into the Occult, you just need to have a pulse and breathe.


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