Some thoughts for today

All the paranormal junk has got in the way of a greater understanding. Para means ‘outside’ normal. No such thing. It led away from truth! I think what I teach is simple enough to understand. You just need to un-educate yourself first! Some say conversing with spirits is evil. Simply put it’s the muse. Shakespeare, Plato et al knew it. Great Poetry & Philosophy isn’t evil! Shakespeare, Keats, Shelley, Yeats, Rupert Brooke, Plato, Sir Francis Bacon, Marlowe, Blake. A few of many who knew the truth of the muse! The basis of any argument and I have had a few is you prove your point with fact. Great debate has substance. Fools don’t seem to think they need any! I learnt little at school, expelled at 15. At 33 I learnt of the soul. By 53 I was cultured and could entertain with the highest of mind.

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