A Bard True Story

In 1994 I sat to write and received a message. I was told to go to 33 Belgrave Square in London. When I looked it up I discovered it was the home of the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain. I was told to make sure that I got there before 1pm. I lived 2 hours away at the time, so left shortly after seeing the message. I was told in the message that whilst there I would meet someone. Who I was to meet and why I was to meet them was a complete mystery. After an arduous Train Journey I reached my destination. I then met two sisters who came in shortly after I arrived. They asked me who was the resident ‘sitter’ (medium) there that day? I replied I didn’t know but told them I was intuitive and gave them some information myself, which they thanked me for. They then suggested we went into the canteen there for a cup of tea and further chat, which we did. Low and behold on entering the canteen I saw a man sitting on his own. An elderly distinguished looking, grey haired gentleman. We asked the man if we could join him. I just knew that was the man I was supposed to meet that day. I had a folder with me that contained some of my writings and the girls prompted me to show him the works. Suddenly a voice in my head told me ‘tell him Ulla’. ‘Who is Ulla’? I asked. He looked astonished. ‘Ulla he said was the name of my wife who died 16 months or so ago. How did you get that name? Do you know me? Did you know my wife’? I replied I had never met him or his wife. I told him I often got messages from thin air as well as Philosophy and Poetry etc. He looked astonished. He then told me his name was Ronald. Many weeks previous I was told through my messages I would meet someone called Ronald and we would become great friends and this indeed happened. In this video interview Ronald speaks of that very first meeting.  Ronald Bailey was a long time friend of well known actress Sheila Hancock and actor the late John Thaw. I met Sheila and her daughter Ellie May at the funeral in fact. Amazingly weeks before Ronald’s death I had a vision.  I was awoken in the middle of the night whilst staying at his home. I saw the head of a women float across the pitch black room. She smiled and disappeared. The next morning I described the women in the vision to Ron. I had never seen her before. Ronald then handed me a photograph. “That was her” he said “wasn’t it?” Indeed it was ULLA! So not only did I get her name but many months later was to see her. Amazing! Proof  to me of an afterlife in some form!


Ronald Bailey interview youtube


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