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All the education you need!

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You need not be a Biblical scholar. Understand Bacchus, Dionysus, Mithras, Apollo, Zeus & Pallas Athena. That’s all the education you need!


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” I don’t consider the sixth sense as a gift I have. It is my ability to use it wisely that is the gift “- The Cockney Bard


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Science tells us the mind is part of the brain and it is an accepted view. In my humble opinion 20 years of writing from an extraneous source has taught me this is impossible and here is why: On death the brain dies and with it mind, well that is also an accepted view, but what about my writings and communication from the extraneous source? This clearly shows various minds at work, using me as a vessel for their thoughts, poetry, philosophy, future predictions etc. What the enormous volume of works show you is that death has not meant the death of mind, on the contrary, mind survives death, meaning it cannot possibly be part of the brain but a separate entity. The mind to me is the soul and the soul the muse. If you believe the soul exists as I know for certain it does, then our understanding of mind and what we are taught cannot be right!

The Secret? That it is not!

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‘The power of positive thinking’ food for thought

There are those who believe ‘Think it and so it will be’. The positive thought will manifest your dreams and desires. ‘The Secret’ made a big thing of this. Da Vinci knew it, it was claimed in the video (err don’t think that’s what he knew). Those involved certainly done well out of it from sales etc. IMHO its great to think positive but here is what actually happens… when you think positive good can happen but equally bad things can also happen. When you think negatively bad things can happen but equally good things can happen. If everybody could by just thinking positively, asking the universe and imagining they would own that dream home, have that nice car, have lots of money, a great job, be in great health they all would. And if they believed it would happen and it did what sort of world would you have? The harmony of all things is in good and bad, positive and negative and nature is both. You simply cannot have one without the other. Surely if it worked by thought alone there would be no room for destiny either and I have proven destiny happens. Its a wonderful concept but in reality this cannot be.

Rene Descarte – I think therefore I am. The Cockney Bard – I think therefore I believe none of it.10363394_772124099485969_1212700714707714624_n.jpgthesecret

Conversing with spirits… HERE ARE THE FACTS!

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Theories never did have much value!

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Evolution (n.) from 1620s, “an opening of what was rolled up,” from Latin evolutionem (nominative evolutio) “unrolling (of a book),”

What would you do?

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Education is only of value if what you are taught is right in the first place.

If you read lots of books, were educated beyond your wildest dreams, were respected worldwide for your knowledge only then to discover a lifetime of learning was wrong, what would you do? A) pretend you never saw the truth and live life as normal or B) admit what were were taught was wrong and you would rather have the truth than live a lie! This is a dilemma now faced by millions!