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I have no interest in the paranormal, psychics, new age, spiritualism. I do however take great interest in what the soul can teach humanity!


Four war poems by the Cockney Bard

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War poems by the Cockney Bard. Green Fields of France beautifully sung by Shona Allen. The powerful message makes you think!


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I often wonder

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I often wonder why in general Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists and mainstream Science don’t want to accept the reality of the sixth sense, Intuition, insight, future prediction, psychic ability (call it what you like), healing with hands etc and that the ‘voices in the head’ can be vehicles for wonderful works of poetry, philosophy, information you hadn’t previously known and genius. Not merely something that boxes of tablets and their understanding from text books will help you with. Not only can it be proven under scientific conditions, IT HAS BEEN PROVEN and will be proven again and again. I can prove it. The fact they choose to ignore it, deny it, tells you something  A) they either are oblivious to it or B) they know full well of its existence but choose to deny to others its knowledge.

History is full of evidence. The great writers, poets, artists, musicians have often given mention to it, and quite often their work is from the extraneous source (voices of mind). Its NOT a mental illness but a natural ability to receive information. As well as great works you can get banal works, voices good and voices bad, information good and information bad. It is a potential minefield where a strong mind is needed and a well balanced human being too. The so called ‘new age movement’ certainly gave rise to lots of nonsense which hasn’t helped. TV and media portraying ‘a does it or does it not exist’ outlook when proven it does just perpetuates the nonsense of it all. The ‘experts’ understanding of the mind and how it works IMHO is practically zero. You cannot deny that mental illness exists, but so too does a human’s abilities of sixth sense and healing excluded by the mainstream from mankind’s understanding.

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Question everything and in questioning everything you find truth, and in finding truth you find beauty, and in finding beauty you have it all! – TCB

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I always viewed schooling as a place of indoctrination of another’s thoughts, ideas and the history of victors. Thank God I learnt nothing!

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God (nature) that super intelligence gave mankind the ability to think and reason. For many man took that away from their fellow man – TCB


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The problem with many spiritual books and teachers is that their nonsense becomes fact for their pupil, then the pupil becomes the teacher!