Man Vs Weird

Man vs Weird has been an interesting programme series. Next week its the turn of the supernatural. Not sure how good that will be or whether Simon Farnaby will be convinced by what he sees. Whatever their conclusions the makers of such programmes always leave a lot to be desired when it comes to the real truth about the so called supernatural, sixth sense, psychics, healing etc. There are so many fakes and charletons out there but the real truth is that we as human beings all possess the sixth sense, psychic ability whatever you want to call it. Its so easy to prove and has been proven. There is no sensible reason to question whether it exists or not. The argument put forward that it cannot be proven under proper scientific conditions is a real turkey thrown out on TV, Radio and on the web mainly by well known sceptics such as Dr Richard Wiseman, Dr Chris French and others. In reality they know full well that the abilities are genuine. I have learnt a considerable amount over 20 years and you can look at my website for more about me. Do they simply perpetuate the myth the truth hasn’t been found to protect mainstream science and religion? If it is proven the mind is the soul what then? Until such times as they are able to prove that my abilities are not genuine any claims of them really seeking truth cannot be taken seriously. Online talks like the one between Richard Dawkins and Derren Brown leave you thinking (when you truly do understand the subject matter as much as any human being can) how naive they really are in their lack of comprehension of the said subject!

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