and just to make things perfectly clear!

Just to make things perfectly clear I don’t have any interest in the following: Colin Fry, Derek Acorah, Sally Morgan, Tony Stockwell, Jon Edwards et al. Are they fakes? Are they not fakes? For entertainment purposes only TV shows, Mediumship/Spiritualism/Paranormal/Ghost hunting/Energy lifting/New Age love & light stuff. I am also not interested in the seven principals, fabricated aspects of science, theories, rules and dogma, religion, cold reading, sceptics, magicians, illusionists, your Chris French/Richard Wiseman et al of this world. Your James Randi and all the other flim flam nonsense that goes with it or your ‘dodgy old million dollar’ prove it rubbish. What I am interested in is common sense, the ability to think, the ability to question and reason and that which culminates in an answer that is fact and truth!


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