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One pen and many minds.

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My pen has written much varied material over 20 years. What can be attributed to me I hope it does please, and that which cannot be attributed to me but to the extraneous source, I hope it astounds and amazes – The Cockney Bard


Happy St Georges Day

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Today is always a special day for me.  Happy St Georges day!


radio interview with Andreas Yiasimi

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Radio interview with Andreas Yiasimi.  Shakespeare the greatest invention ever!

William Shakespeare

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Shakespeare, born of the mind and made an industry.


AT LAST HE IS AT REST AND LIES HERE….Is Sir Francis Bacon buried in Norwich?

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AT LAST HE IS AT REST AND LIES HERE....Is Sir Francis Bacon buried in Norwich?

Some years back I stumbled upon a church in Norwich called St Gregorys. In the Church is a wonderful wall mural of St George and the dragon which was only discovered in the last few years and an extremely interesting tribute on a wall monument to the great Philosopher and Statesman Sir Francis Bacon. Buried in the tomb nearby is another Francis Bacon, a Judge. I wondered about this and thought to myself ‘why was such a great tribute paid to a man not buried there?’ Many years later I was given a book about Sir Francis Bacon entitled ‘Sir Francis Bacon’s Journals’ written by Lochithea and my wife Shona read it and told me Bacon in his will wanted to be buried ‘obscurely’. What puzzled me on hearing this was if Bacon wanted to be buried obscurely why would everyone know he was buried in St Albans? In understanding the great man you begin to understand that him being buried obscurely not in St Albans, but St Gregorys is perhaps not so far fetched. It seems inconceivable that such an amazing tribute is there and Sir Francis Bacon is not. To add further weight to this idea Peter Dawkins a Bacon expert of many books and long standing when I mentioned this to him told me ” How extraordinary! Intriguing!” Perhaps this amazing find is true. Because of Bacon’s family links, the historical and the alchemical connection with Norwich we may just have unearthed the resting place of one of Britain’s most important historical figures. Below is a translation of the Latin inscription

The translation reads :

“Who comes here, may I ask, who seeks Niobe who has been turned to stone and whose tears dry up the sea? No one can run away from such tears unless they are part of the sea. Be not silent men of stony speech. Equality is indeed just when making laws. He came here burdened, wasted and weighed down. You do not know the unknown. He heard like the Etruscan soldier not wanting to bend to the law for whom is this hymn-like monument of law a mediator, a judge, a reference point, a touchstone, a Solomon here on earth impartial (if anyone is) like the judge in heaven.
At last he is at rest and lies here although he but lies in wait impervious to sand and decay who scolded the world with oratorical attacks and the select few abandoned this good discoverer for the multiple unholy gods justice unsaid on earth. The justice of the angry heavens left the earth to flee to the stars, following Astraea restored at home with holiness, the newest light of legal business. Rather when the name of great St Albans is spoken and in blood and in name on both sides, he hears worthy Francis Bacon.”

Only someone like Sir Francis Bacon could be compared to a Touchstone, Solomon, A Good Discoverer.

Astrology and the 12 signs of the zodiac

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Astrology and the 12 signs of the zodiac

The Sun walks on water
The Sun is the light of the world
The Sun is risen

Worship of the ancient Sun God

makes you think doesn’t it!

and just to make things perfectly clear!

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Just to make things perfectly clear I don’t have any interest in the following: Colin Fry, Derek Acorah, Sally Morgan, Tony Stockwell, Jon Edwards et al. Are they fakes? Are they not fakes? For entertainment purposes only TV shows, Mediumship/Spiritualism/Paranormal/Ghost hunting/Energy lifting/New Age love & light stuff. I am also not interested in the seven principals, fabricated aspects of science, theories, rules and dogma, religion, cold reading, sceptics, magicians, illusionists, your Chris French/Richard Wiseman et al of this world. Your James Randi and all the other flim flam nonsense that goes with it or your ‘dodgy old million dollar’ prove it rubbish. What I am interested in is common sense, the ability to think, the ability to question and reason and that which culminates in an answer that is fact and truth!