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Nothing like stupidity

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The great enigma that is the Magic Roundabout. ‘I am an educated person. I know all there is to know about something that doesn’t exist’ – The Sceptic. TV and radio often embrace my expert opinion which enables me to give a balanced view. Even though it doesn’t exist it must still be balanced. Some of us have spent 25 years searching for nothing. In searching for the nothing we can prove our research into nothing proves well, nothing – The Sceptic


The Truth

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It is foolhardy to dismiss in its entirety the existence of the sixth sense/psychic ability/intuition (three labels for the self same thing) for that is to dismiss that which is natural in all of mankind – The Cockney Bard

To the Magic Roundabout…. Grammar is not so important but the message is! Hopefully you understood the message!

Dawkins and Brown… The Great Pretenders

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Richard Dawkins to Derren Brown “Now when you analyze these things like the Barnum effect and cold reading your doing it in a sort of factual way. I take it that the psychics and palm readers and astrologers and people who do it know perfectly well what they are doing and therefore they are fakes but are they all fakes? Or do some of them somehow manage to fool themselves? The Cockney Bard to Dawkins and Brown “Your argument is neither Scientific or reason. There is scientific proof that the sixth sense i.e psychic ability exists and is genuine, therefore you are either not aware of this fact or you are deliberating deceiving the public! I can give you both proof and reason. Are you open minded enough to debate with me?”

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