What I claim to do and what I am all about…

The Cockney Bard firmly believes in a spirit world. Why? Because it has been proven to me.

I have written hundreds of Philosophical works, Poetical works, Musings and written communication. Much of it from the extraneous source I know as the spirit world. I can communicate at will and write 24/7 if need be. The source is an eternal river of thoughts. I write at great speed but it is not automatic writing. I don’t need to write to communicate as I use my intuitive abilities. My writings are from various intellects and are of a differing personality from myself.

I don’t believe everything I am told from this source. My experience tells me there are deceivers in the afterlife as well as in this life.

I don’t believe the Paranormal exists as ‘Para’ means outside and as for…

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