What I claim to do and what I am all about

What I claim to do and what I am all about…

The Cockney Bard firmly believes in a spirit world. Why? Because it has been proven to me.

I have written hundreds of Philosophical works, Poetical works, Musings and written communication. Much of it from the extraneous source I know as the spirit world. I can communicate at will and write 24/7 if need be. The source is an eternal river of thoughts. I write at great speed but it is not automatic writing. I don’t need to write to communicate as I use my intuitive abilities. My writings are from various intellects and are of a differing personality from myself.

I don’t believe everything I am told from this source. My experience tells me there are deceivers in the afterlife as well as in this life.

I don’t believe the Paranormal exists as ‘Para’ means outside and as for ‘Normal’ there is no such thing. Einstein said ‘we are all energy, everything is made up of energy’ so that being the case, there is nothing that exists that is paranormal and that is according to science.

I believe that psychic ability/ sixth sense/Intuition, healing and mediumship are all from the same source and are ALL natural abilities that we ALL have.

I believe what I know as natural healing, others call spiritual healing and others call reiki, are all from the same source and indeed are just variations of the selfsame thing.

I have never been taught, trained, had no master, no guru, no teacher, been on any courses or read any books and yet I have all these abilities, which is why I believe they are ALL natural and that we all have them.

I would welcome anyone to disprove my abilities but this will never happen.

What I am is a freethinker.

I have written two books ‘In Search of the Swan’ about my extraordinary story and ‘Dead Poets Pen’ a collection of my assembled work. Currently unavailable.

There are videos available to watch online including the Ronald Bailey interview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACdKzLT11qU
My website is http://www.thecockneybard.com and I have a blog page thecockneybard.wordpress.com

If you are interested in my claims and my work please get in touch. Media enquiries welcome.


3 Responses to “What I claim to do and what I am all about”

  1. Forest Fay Says:

    Books may broaden the mind, but any inherent wisdom or abilities allready lies within. Very interesting post.

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