The Derren Brown Challenge

Showman extraordinaire Derren Brown has a real beef with psychics, mediums and healers. In fact he believes that they are all fake. In fact he is very wrong. There are fakes of course. There are those who con people of course. But to say they are all frauds and con artists is ignorant and rather arrogant. I for one have these natural abilities and he has never seen me, so to make such sweeping statements Brown is rather misguided. Here is a challenge to him. £100,000 of his money says he cannot disprove me and prove me a fake. Hopefully I can match this figure through raised funds. If not then perhaps Brown will be so confident he can discredit me that he will risk his own money? Should he lose I will prove him wrong and be £100,000 richer and should I lose he will have the satisfaction of making me look a fool. Image

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