Ashes of dreams – A 2012 Olympic poem – The Cockney Bard

Ashes of dreams – An Olympic Poem by Gary Allen, The Cockney Bard.
Author of two published books ‘In Search of the Swan’ and ‘Dead Poets Pen’. Both available at:
Written for the London 2012 Olympics.
Read by Shona Allen.

Ashes of dreams – The Cockney Bard

The trials and tribulations of a human being.
The exhaustion and exuberation of pulling defeat from the flames of fire.
The pain, the anguish of loss, the barren self.
The drive and enthusiasm to be all that you can.
The fickle hours, those endless hours to achieve a goal.
Running with ecstasy, falling with optimism’s flawed dream.
The hope filled challenge of the Olympian to achieve first prize.
Becoming God like in a supreme test of will, determination and courage.
Challenging the body and spirit to reach unprecedented heights.
The exhausted, elated, pain ridden, defeated, deflated,
emotional being, the athlete, driven by their quest to succeed.
In a search for perfection, resurrecting the eternal flame
from the ashes of dreams.

Copyright 2012 G. Allen (The Cockney Bard)

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