I don’t want to upset people or make them angry, it just seems Truth has a habit of doing this. Truth can be a very difficult thing to comprehend at times. You believe something so strongly, then someone comes along and shows you something about your belief that isn’t quite right. Normal thinking people say ok, I will think about it, perhaps you could be right? But no these people just get annoyed, very annoyed. They are brainwashed into a mindset that makes their own judgment blinded, they then have a total disregard for logic, because logic doesn’t fit in with what they thought. If only you could open your mind, forget your pride, be honest with yourself and admit “oh well I was wrong”. It isn’t that difficult. So unless you are certain on a subject don’t use opinion to base your case. Don’t use a belief system not based on fact. Don’t use the content of a book someone has written or what someone has taught you to prove your case, use fact. F.A.C.T or FOUND A CERTAIN TRUTH. Replace your anger with humbleness and make Truth your foundation for all your thinking – The Cockney Bard


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