The Cockney Bard

If you have the capacity to think you will find something of interest in my books!’ – The Cockney Bard

 The Cockney Bard author of  ‘In Search of The Swan & ‘Dead Poets Pen’


In Search of The Swan is one man’s journey to enlightenment. The book covers a range of subjects from the Paranormal, Sceptics, the mystery of Shakespeare through to the search for the Holy Grail. Is there life after death? After reading this you will be convinced there is. An amazing true life story that will astound you.


The follow up book to In Search of The Swan is called Dead Poets Pen and is a collection of Poetical, Philosophical works and Muse. The origin of these works and the way in which they were obtained will amaze the reader.

Buy my two books in either Paperback or Electronic form (PDF E-Book version).  Paperbacks are priced @ £8.99 each and E-Books @ only£2.99 each.

Save money by buying direct from the author. If purchased from the website shop both E-Books can be obtained for a special price of just £2.99 for two. You can also buy direct from Lulu @ the link below at the full price.

Why not browse my website you can also find the Bard on Facebook and Twitter.


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