For the love of a child

Unmarried fathers of children born before 2003 have absolutely no rights whatsoever. It is a cruel and unfair system that punishes the father in ways unimaginable. Think about it, you care for your child, you love your child, then the partner decides to take your child away, whether by not telling you where they are or perhaps moving abroad. The injustice of it all is this, you may be the most loving, most caring man in the world but you will have NO RIGHTS to that child. Yes, that is right mummy gets all the rights and daddy gets real pain and heartache. If you are lucky you might get to see your child but only if mummy says you can and at her convenience. Mummy may decide you cannot see your child at all, in which case poor daddy will have no choice but not see his child. The only hope you have is to go to court and get the right to be part of your child’s life. What if you haven’t got the money? Too bad! Unless you qualify for legal aid you can expect a £1200 plus bill. Women who get spurned often act in spite and hateful reasoning. Some women just don’t give a damn about their partner but they should give a damn about the child and his/her rights to have a dad as part of their lives. Your child means the world to you but some women don’t give a damn about that. Imagine that no rights at all when the child is your flesh and blood. I wrote a piece for all fathers who have had the misfortune to have a mother take their child away.

‘Sometimes the pain is too hard to bear. But in bearing it, you show others you care, and in caring, you are showing love, and in showing love, you conquer spite. And that makes the pain more bearable. Indeed it does!’ – The Cockney Bard

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