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I don’t want to upset people or make them angry, it just seems Truth has a habit of doing this. Truth can be a very difficult thing to comprehend at times. You believe something so strongly, then someone comes along and shows you something about your belief that isn’t quite right. Normal thinking people say ok, I will think about it, perhaps you could be right? But no these people just get annoyed, very annoyed. They are brainwashed into a mindset that makes their own judgment blinded, they then have a total disregard for logic, because logic doesn’t fit in with what they thought. If only you could open your mind, forget your pride, be honest with yourself and admit “oh well I was wrong”. It isn’t that difficult. So unless you are certain on a subject don’t use opinion to base your case. Don’t use a belief system not based on fact. Don’t use the content of a book someone has written or what someone has taught you to prove your case, use fact. F.A.C.T or FOUND A CERTAIN TRUTH. Replace your anger with humbleness and make Truth your foundation for all your thinking – The Cockney Bard


A belief is not fact

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A belief is not a fact unless it has been proven. My beliefs are all facts, that is why I am happy to believe in what I believe in. I use a very simple logic, that is research the subject fully, comprehend the subject fully, don’t always believe what you read or what someone tells you and most importantly know what the bloody hell you are talking about before telling others. Know that no matter what the subject, people cannot prove you wrong. And if they can’t, you are then on solid ground to bring forth your ‘In my humble opinion’ knowing that your humble opinion is the correct one – The Cockney Bard


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Thinking of getting myself a manager and a book agent. If you know anyone or are interested yourself please let me know. The person/s will have to be genuine and understand where it is all going. Ideals of making millions are great but the intention is what I am interested in and it must be with the right intent! Those with integrity and the will and desire to bring change need only apply!

Looking at beauty

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Looking at beauty through the eyes of envy doesn’t make the beauty any less, but it does make the envy more – G Allen

Seven ages of man

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Seven ages of man -The Cockney BardThe Baby, the age of which innocence begins its first breath.
The Infant, the age of love unconditional and true.
The Child, the age where the ideas of fantasy flourish.
The Teen, the age of the world of discovery.
The Adult, the age of the world of harsh reality.
The Old, the age of wisdom and sometimes regret.
The Death, the age where all become equal.

more food for thought

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Never in the history of this great nation has so much b*llocks been spoken by so many – The Cockney Bard

Facebook posting

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The subtle art of repeating a post has a two fold effect. If you haven’t seen it first time you will have the pleasure or not of seeing it. If you have already seen it and it pleases you, you will delight in seeing it again and if you despised the post then it will bring you much disdain, either way a repeat is always worth the effort –