National Poetry Day

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It is National Poetry Day but I don’t celebrate that. Why, aren’t you a poet? Well, yes but not in the conventional way as I have no rules. I find much material lauded & celebrated as fine poetry IMHO is simply banal crap being brutally honest. Some poets are lost in a world of grandeur & delusion. I once was invited by a well known Scottish poet to a group of other poets. I listened to the material they had written, the group were almost in an orgasmic state at the delight the pieces were giving them. However; when it was my turn to read my work & I was met with a deathly silence & they moved on without a comment of any description, not good, bad, or indifferent. A Cockney upstart simply not fitting in at all. The piece below is the one I actually read that evening.

Beauty never fades, nor does the sun extinguish its fire. For what is beauty? If you say I know, you’d be a liar. Beauty to one is not to another. To a mirror it is all things and nothing. Beauty is a perfection, unblemished and undefined. It is a pleasure unrestrained to the eye. To one beauty can be a rose in full bloom and to another the seed in the palm of his hand. In the darkness beauty is but a moment in the mind, and in the light, it is a perception of one’s own judgement. Beauty you are an illusion, a deception, a fool’s gold. All things to all men. In revealing her I too am condemned to the fickle folly of describing beauty – The Cockney Bard



And Churchill said

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Churchill and his aide were walking through an art gallery, when Churchill stopped and looked up at a painting. “My God” said Churchill “that is beautiful!” His aide turned to him and said “I don’t know what you see in that Winston?” “Ah” he replied “but don’t you wish you could.”

Poem for a perished friend at Grenfell

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As a writer I could put in words so others can read,
how beautiful you were.
As an artist I could paint for others to see,
how beautiful you were.
And as a man who once shared your life,
and saw glimpses of your soul,
I can tell the world that I truly know,
how beautiful you were.

The Cockney Bard

education, education, education

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We live in an age where university places are given out like sweets, brilliant students are those who can read & write and truth has become anathema!

A letter to Marilyn Monroe

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Shona Allen ‘A letter to Marilyn Monroe’ perfectly read live on air. Absolutely flawless. Well done to you Mrs Allen xxx

Thomas Browne (1605-1682)

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“Therefore for spirits I am so far from denying their existence that I could easily believe that not only whole countries but particular persons have their tutelary and guardian angels. It is not a new opinion, but an old one of Pythagoras and Plato. There is no heresy in it, and if not manifestly defined in Scripture, yet it is an opinion of good and wholesome use in the cours and actions of a man’s life,and would serve as an hypothesis to solve many doubts whereof common philosophy affordeth no solution.” — Sir Thomas Browne, Religio Medici.

Statue Thomas Browne Norwich Market

Two cases of healing with hands

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I don’t talk a lot about my healing with hands but I have had many fantastic results. Two cases in particular.

Case One; where my friend Ronald Bailey suddenly lost the use of his hands and legs and couldn’t get out of his chair. I insisted he go to hospital but he insisted I gave him healing. I relented and gave him healing, working with my hands on the left hand side of his head after a few minutes Ronald regained the use of his arms, his legs and was up and about. He then went for a check up at his Doctors who declared him fit with a clean bill of health. The next day he drove me on a 70 mile round trip home.

Case Two; was a lady in France. She never spoke a word of English but through an interpreter we managed fine. I gave her healing firstly by placing my hands near the top of her head, then was led to her hand (which unbeknown to me had been paralysed since her husband was killed in an accident many, many years previous). After a short time we witnessed the miracle of her fingers moving. Her hand which was previously white as snow began to turn rosy. Somewhere I have this on video..In a progress update a couple of months after this she speaks of her nails growing too!

I have many examples of healing, some truly extraordinary. We all as human beings have healing hands. How good we will be at it no one can tell! .I know for me it has ranged from the subtle to the miraculous. I will be making a short video on healing with hands soon. Look out for that won’t you!

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