My favourite pastime

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Love an interesting complex debate on most subjects where rational and reason are intellectually thought through. Very difficult to find. Pushing the mind to extremities is my favourite pastime. Occasionally i pop back into my barrow boy East End alter ego with the odd swear word thrown in.

Learn something they won’t teach you in School or University

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Learn something they won’t teach you in any School or University. My website has had over 43,000 unique visitors at present. Thank you for your support.

I am currently finishing a Shakespeare book which should be out in the next couple of weeks. Sales of my book ‘In Search of the Swan’ are doing well, so a big thank you!

Astronomy speaks – The Cockney Bard

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Written by me, read by actor Trevor Markworth with some beautiful pics to view.



The famous and the occult

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The occult (hidden) link to many Hollywood stars and Governments around the world doesn’t surprise me. Many great minds throughout history have understood how you can communicate with spirits, but what ones you get is much like life. There are many great deceivers.. There is a wicked half and one which gives great poetry, philosophy and insight. You have to have a great expertise in sorting the wheat from the chaff and after 20 years and more of studying the mind i have as great an understanding as anyone. People can be controlled by it, lead their life totally by it for good and for bad. Ask Hitler! Only a fool could doubt its existence, someone blinded by ignorance or someone who simply doesn’t know!

Live Science Post – Bed rock Jesus Tomb

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I always believed rightly or wrongly that Jesus was an allegory and that the story was an allegorical journey of the sun. I am the light of the world, the sun is risen etc. Kristos ‘Christ’ means light. I could be wrong mind. There are some good books written on this subject. Apollo, Horus, Dionysus etc

A book ‘The Holy Blood & The Holy Grail’ synchronicity & an incredible find in a Le Mans bookshop.

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Many years back I took a trip on a ferry to France. It was there I met a woman. While deep in conversation I happened to mention Dr John Dee, Queen Elizabeth 1st astologer & magus. “How odd!” she said. “My son Nicolas is studying him at this very moment. He would love to meet you.” We did indeed meet, it turned out he went to school with friends of mine in Edinburgh. He gave me a book during our meet and said you must read it called ‘The Holy Blood & The Holy Grail. I had the book for six months, but never read a line and returned it to him. A week later I was in an Oxford bookshop with a friend and she said “is this book any good to you?” “What is it?” “The Holy Blood & The Holy Grail” “Blimey!” I said. A week later in a charity shop I came across the self same book and this time bought it. When I got home I skirted through the pages and came to page 155. It told the story of Jean Baptiste Pitois. How odd was that I thought when I discovered Pitois was the same name of my then french partner. Weeks later I was off to France again this time to seek to discover more about Pitois himself. I was given a business card by my partner’s brother it read: The Athanor 22 Rue Marchande. A rare book shop in the centre of Le Mans. I visited there and bought a few books and asked the owner if he had ever heard of Pitois. His answer was a flat no. A week later I returned to the shop and this time took with me the Holy Blood & Holy Grail Book purchased from the charity shop in England. I read him the section which contained Pitois from page 155. It was when I read him that Jean Baptiste Pitois alias Paul Christian wrote the book ‘Histoire de La magie’ that the owner stopped in his tracks, went to the back of his shop, and came back shortly thereafter with in his possession, amazingly, the original book of Pitois aka Christian from 1870. He opened it up, and showed me a picture within the book of an alchemist. He then pointed to the wall, where that very print hung in a frame, and had been there for the last two years. The odds of this are billions to one. He gave me a bag, which also had that print of the alchemist on it. Now I too have that in a frame on the wall. At one point I was a rare book dealer and have had three original copies of Histoire de la magie. Even had one of Paul Christian’s son called ‘La Reine Zinzarah.

Most recently a film called The Da Vinci Code based on or around the book with Tom Hanks came to prominance.


22 rue marchande

Picture inside the bookshop with the very man I met who owns l’athanor (which actually means the alchemist’s furnace) 22 Rue Marchande. Pictures at top 1870 book of Paul Christian, the alchemist print contained within the book and the print on the bag framed now on my wall.

The so called ‘ORB’ not dust this one!

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I have absolutely no idea what an ‘ORB’ is but people have different perspectives on what they could be. What i do know is the picture below was taken by my wife Shona ‘after’ i said there will be an orb in the corner up there. She took the picture and there it was, the size of a football. This cannot possibly have been dust. I like fact as fact is truth, anything else is supposition. Just what are they? Love to know!