A Fleeting Moment

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Sheila with whom I am pictured with my young son in 2002 lived on the 16th floor, flat 132 at Grenfell Tower. She was a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. She perished on one awful night on 14th June 2017.  Believe it or not I predicted how she would die by fire more than 16 years before it happened. How could I know such things? Sometimes the sixth sense is the most beautiful thing and sometimes it is a terrible curse.

Sheila had no second name. She was a prolific writer, had a passion for yoga and loved the Isle of Ischia. We would sit for hours sometimes, drinking coffee and talk about many things of which we shared a great interest. Shortly after her death I wrote ‘a fleeting moment’ and reminisced those happier times.  We shared some truly special days and for that I thank her.

Picture 1 Starbucks, Holland Park and the empty seats. A place we would sit. Picture 2 Sheila with me in Norwich with my beautiful son.


I sit staring at a photograph of Starbucks in Holland Park.
A place we would often frequent.
I see Sheila and myself sitting on the chairs outside, coffee in hand, talking Politics, Shakespeare, the Knights Templar.
I look again and we are gone.

If, What and Why?

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I was taught, I gave others my teaching, I questioned not. They questioned not. They believed, I believed, that my teaching was just and true. Suddenly the world was full of people who questioned not. In a world of those that questioned not, the teaching became a truth and from that truth spawned the many of misunderstood. The misunderstood were those who never questioned if, what and why?

Silent Whisper

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Silent whisper thou voice unheard.

Echoed vision of silence.

Persuade me silent voice, embark on me nay choice.

Oh whispered secrets doth tell, evolving my spiral down.

Embittered knowledge, entrusted in perpetual deviance.

Stabled ferocity of hope.

Forbade thy tongue that whisper, silent words to torment.

A lover’s harp to play thy tune.

Missing embrace of lover’s twine.

Ceremony of a foolish swine.

Decree the notion of hate, pitiful hate.

Thus oh me, and the Silent whisper.


When Truth Is Found

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Give me rational and reasoned argument and I will listen. I will give you rational and reasoned argument but will you listen? I will question you, will you answer me? You will question me, I will answer you. Does that make me better than you? Or you better than me? Is your truth more worthy than mine? My answer is all truth is worthy. We as human beings just need to know when it is found!

Desire to Succeed

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Sometimes in life you just have to be strong, no matter what the cost. You have to be outspoken and determined to succeed, and irrespective of whatever anyone thinks, says or does remain true to your values. Don’t let doubt cast a shadow over the determined will. Nobody can accuse you of failure, if your desire to succeed becomes the envy of others!

On Opinion

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Opinion angers some, but if you can’t have an opinion you are not free, and if you are not free, you are in all essence a prisoner to another’s thoughts, actions and ideologies. It is what makes you the person you are. The voice of identity. An identity which says that you, I and everyone else are entitled to voice an opinion. Opinion is merely an opinion. How do you avoid an opinion that neither hurts or offends someone, somewhere, in someway? But I am reassured that it has no truth or substance, other than to those who desire and wish that it has!

Pieces of hell

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Nature is abundant in all its beauty. We live in paradise. Mankind, its sheer abhorrence and crass devotion to stupidity has made pieces of it hell!

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