Pupil to Master

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Pupil to Master: “Where did you learn your great wisdom master?” Master: “Why from my great master’s book!”. Pupil: “And where did he get his great wisdom from?” Master: “Why from his master’s book before him, and so on and so forth”. Pupil: “If all that wisdom comes from one book and one person, I think I would prefer to go in search of truth, knowledge and wisdom from my own experiences!”…. and in that moment the pupil became the master. – TCB

Do your own research!

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If you learn anything today learn this, that the sixth sense, healing with hands and conversing with spirits is a proven fact. A truth which is kept from you is that every human being has these abilities. They are not great gifts or something someone can give you, but totally natural. Some will have a much greater aptitude for it than others, but at a base level it is within us all. They won’t teach you this in Schools, Colleges & Universities nor will Science tell you this, nor Doctors, Psychiatrists or Psychologists. They are either ignorantly blinded to it or deliberately keep it from you. Let us have a look at something millions worldwide do get access to that being the works of Shakespeare, Shelley, Keats, Yeats, Blake, Marlowe, Rupert Brooke, Bacon, Plato, Churchill, Christie and many others. Works read and admired widely. All of the aforementioned had access to the faculty and accessed it in their work. Simple research will lead you to a greater understanding. You don’t need to be a Spiritualist, Religious, have Faith, believe in the Paranormal or be into the Occult, you just need to have a pulse and breathe.

Website Update

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Over 41,000 hits and growing so thank you for your continued support.


Thoughts on life – The Cockney Bard

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Funny thing life with its many joys, many despairs, many regrets, many losses. All we can do is enjoy the good parts, look forward despite the rough parts and try to find the strength within to cope in our darkest hours. We cannot always have love without loss, or pain without considerable suffering, but what we can have is the certainty the sun will rise and fall, night will follow day and love will always be the manifestation of everything good about life.

Are you a poet?

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I am not a poet in the conventional understanding of what a poet is or is meant to be. I have no rules, I don’t spend hours writing or sit pondering delightful ditties, string long words together, rhyming couplets and quaint pieces for an afternoon recital, whilst having tea and scones. Neither am I a fan of absolute dross, pretending it to be wonderful stuff, award winning stuff, given gentle applause by clueless authorities on the subject. I know what banal is, and I also know what beauty is, therefore I do not have the emperors suit of clothes. What I am is someone who when I feel the muse upon me, do take up the pen and write pieces on all sorts of subjects. I have a website dedicated to them. My websites (main and this one) currently have over 50,000 views and are growing.


Have a good day!

Last Night BBC Radio Interview

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Listen to the Cockney Bard on the BBC. Honest, forthright account of his life, loves & music!

02.07 you can hear the Bard on yesterday. Hope you enjoy!

Most Poetry today simply doesn’t cut the mustard!

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Poetry is God’s true voice. Let him who understand not, be forever oblivious to beauty in the form of the written word. Let him drink the wine, feed from the pig and indulge in the pleasures of the flesh!

 When i say poetry i do not mean the utter dross peddled out today. I refer to the great & good poets of the past. Poets who knew that simply stringing long words together did not make beauty.